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I grew up with the love of capturing the moment through the camera due to my late father. He, too, loved photography. I would ride a bicycle with a camera strapped around my neck! Many memorable moments were captured through my lens of friends, family and events through the years. My friends still come to me today to reconnect with their past through my photos.

In the Fall of 2008, I rekindled my love of photography when I took classes at the "Boca Raton Museum" with two amazing teachers. The teacher of the "Fine Arts" class was Jack Wild. He is a retired Professional photographer of over 40 years who teaches others his craft! His photographs are absolutely breathtaking! They are so perfect that they look like someone painted them! Light and shadow are wonderful and when you look at each photo, you learn something different, each time! I never tired oflooking at his work or listening to him!

The other class I took was given by another extremely talented and retired gentleman, David Chasin. It was "Adobe PhotoShop" and was a complicated but worthwhile program, for when you take that wonderful photograph that was not quite "perfect"! David is a patient and compassionate man who always has time to talk with you.

Last, but definitely not least, was my incredible teacher and mentor, John Lopinot, whom I've taken classes from recently. His classes, patience and knowledge are boundless. He's always there for his students and once you're a student, you're family forever! He takes us out in "in the field" in limited classes and after providing us with formal lessons, assists us in putting into action what we just learned. I have had many photographs of mine that I took in his classes accepted into art galleries. I believe that that speaks for his ability as a teacher!

I am so inspired about photography, that I am reading and shooting constantly! I used to shoot, develop and print my own negatives. However, today, I have become totally digital. I still do print some of my work. I come from the "old school" of thinking that "everything should be in the middle and centered"! Now, I do not think that way any longer! I like to think "outside of the box" and do things differently. I like to take the common and give it an uncommon look. I enjoy taking chances and "doing things a little differerently".

I hope that my enthusiasm for capturing the moment, nature or the perfect wave rubs off on you in some way. Even if it means just continuing to view other photographers and their photographs. Art through photographs is a wonderful way of enjoying life and appreciating good art. If you find something that you can identify with in a particular piece, perhaps it's calling to you. Enjoy your journey here and please feel free to share your thoughts with me. It's okay if you get a laugh or two from from my work. We all need to laugh. It is healthy! ENJOY AND BE WELL!


Francine AKA fotofran

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